Friday, February 26, 2010

OSGeo4W and MapServer Translations

(Version française)

I am very happy to notice a flurry of translation work going on around the OSGeo4W and MapServer projects recently!

On the MapServer front, Lars Lingner started a German translation of the website about a year ago, which led to some work on the website structure to support multiple languages, and a first release of the German translation on the website a few weeks ago.

Since then, Eduin Carillo and Juanma M. R. have started with the Spanish translation, and a few days ago, Yves Jacolin volunteered to work on the French translation. I should add that Yves already offers a good number of French translations through his website for MapServer, GDAL, QGIS, GRASS, etc. The Spanish and French versions of the MapServer website are not published yet, but we can expect them to go live in the near future.

On the OSGeo4W front, the translation effort started with a Japanese translation of the installer by Jeff McKenna and a team of partners in Japan. This required a good amount of ground work to allow support for multiple languages in the installer and the website, and now that the bases are there with the Japanese translation, Yves Jacolin just showed up again to drop some French bits.

Thanks to all the translation contributors for their hard work. If you are interested in contributing to those translation efforts please do not hesitate to join the fun, here are some guidelines for MapServer and for OSGeo4W. In all cases, the developers list of your favorite project is the best place to share your intentions and/or ask for help getting started.

Update: Thomas Gratier just announced on mapserver-dev his plan to contribute to the French translation of MapServer docs. Merci Thomas!


  1. Thanks for publishing this news Daniel (for MapServer and OSGeo4W).

    I'd like to add that the Japanese OSGeo.JP group also recently announced that GRASS ( is now 100% translated into JP - the GRASS book, all online documentation, and installers...this is quite amazing.

    For the OSGeo4W translations (the installer is now translated into JP, and all documentation is in JP), the partners contributing are: Osaka City University (, Applied Technology Co (, Tezukayamagakuin University (, and Gateway Geomatics (

    And I've learned that QGIS has recently been translated to Vietnamese (about 90% complete).

    Yesterday I presented to the OSGeo.JP group and gave them a hard nudge that I'd like to see a Japanese flag on the MapServer website soon (for JP documentation). :)

    This is all excellent news for the community!!!


  2. Thanks Jeff for this update, and to all involved for making OSGeo packages more accessible by breaking the language barriers.

  3. I have made some changes to the installer that is in Japan and I am ready to generate a new live setup with this translation and the thing is that it has worked perfectly for me.

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