Sunday, February 21, 2010


(noun) A property referring to the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together (inter-operate) in a sprint environment.
We had a great example of this today at the NYC Code Sprint when members of the GeoServer, MapServer and OpenLayers teams worked together on the simple (but cool) addition of a vendor-specific ANGLE GetMap parameter in MapServer and GeoServer's respective WMS interfaces, and used OpenLayers to test the new feature.

The result, a few minutes later, was this:

... a rotated map of Canada (MapServer) and USA (GeoServer), served through WMS in OpenLayers.

Here are the proud members of this interopera-sprint-ability experiment: myself for MapServer to the left, Andrea Aime for GeoServer to the right and Andreas Hocevar driving the OpenLayers client:

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