Friday, September 26, 2014

Envision Geomatics 2014 - Program and Registration available

(Cliquez ici pour la version française)

Once again this year, OSGeo-Quebec partners with Envision Geomatics to offer two full days of conferences and fun on free and open source geomatics. This year, the event will take place at the Palais des Congrès de Gatineau on November 12-13, 2014, and the open source / open data track of the program is organized in collaboration between OSGeo-Quebec, OSGeo-Ottawa and LocationTech. The event is actually also part of the international LocationTech Tour 2014.

Official Program:

The official program of Envision Geomatics 2014 is now available on the event's website at the following URL:  (click on the program icon on the left)

Note that it is published in French only at the moment unfortunately, but you will see that the open source track of the program contains a good mix of conferences in both French and English.


The registration for the event is now open. Please follow the [Registration] link on the Envision Geomatics website.

Please be aware that the early bird registration period ends on October 7th, so don't wait and register now in order to take advantage of a 70$ discount!

Networking Evening:

As you register, do not forget to also sign up for the Wednesday night's networking activity which will be held at the Brasseurs du Temps microbrewery under the Movember theme. This activity is sponsored by Mapgears and K2 Geospatial!

Looking forward to meeting you in Gatineau in November!

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