Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MapServer and TinyOWS Releases at the Islandwood OSGeo Sprint

This week, 21 developers are getting together for a code sprint in the wonderful venue of Islandwood to work on the advancement of their respective OSGeo projects. Thanks to Michael Gerlek for organizing and to our sponsors for their support.

I am happy to report that TinyOWS version 1.0 has just been released. Congratulations to Olivier Courtin for leading the project to this important milestone!

Last summer it was decided that TinyOWS (RFC-70) and MapCache (RFC-71) would join the MapServer project. This means that with the upcoming MapServer 6.2 release, we will also release the MapServer Suite which includes "mapserv" (the CGI/FastCGI), MapScript, MapCache and TinyOWS. The long term plan is to provide a more seamless integration of the tools under this MapServer Suite umbrella, while still allowing the use of each component independently or with other non-MapServer packages for those who wish to do so.

Another outcome of the sprint is that the TinyOWS documentation has been integrated in the development tree here. Thanks to David and Hal, for their work on this and their other contributions.

On the MapServer front, we just announced the release of version 6.0.2 and 5.6.8. There are no new features in those releases, only fixes, and they do include a fix for a security vulnerability that was found in the handling of WFS Filters inside SLDs, so you are encouraged to upgrade your installation. More details in the announcement here.

Finally, one of our next goals is to work out a plan for a MapServer 6.2 feature freeze and release this spring.

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